Stiebel Eltron Heat Pump System

$ 3,500.00

The WWK 300AH heat pump has a smart element situated in the top of the hot water cylinder. This smart element when will switch on along with the heat pump function when a high volume of hot water is drawn off from the hot water tank. This smart element will assist the heat pump to heat approximately the top 100 litres. This smart element function aids in hot water recovery for high users of hot water.  The total power draw of the WWK 300AH when the smart element is running is 9.4 Amps.\

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High quality Stiebel Eltron design

  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Developing heat pump technology since 1974
  • 300 litre tank with a high volume of hot water
  • Suitable for hard and soft water areas with sacrificial anode

Energy efficient

  • Highly efficient – save up to 70% on hot water energy use*
  • Can operate on extended off peak power and timers where availalble

Installation flexibility

  • Outdoor or indoor installation, indoor installation requires a clear space of 13m3
  • Single piece design for easy installation
  • Active defrost function to assist operation in cold climates
  • Operates in low temperatures (down to 0 Degrees Celsius)

STC information for the WWK 300AH hot water heat pump*

WWK 300AH 24 24 28 30 29

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*Please note: The number of STCs within each zone are subject to AS/NZS standards or methodology change and were accurate as at 1st November 2012.  To confirm current STC numbers on the Stiebel Eltron heat pump range please visit the Australian Government Office of Clean Energy Regulator website. STCs are subject to meeting eligibility and conditions.