Emerald Planet 10W + 13W Downlight Luminaire

$ 27.99

Luminaire Series is a modern, architecturally-designed, dimmable lamp to replace halogen downlights and gimbals.   This versatile lamp comes in Satin White to fit 70mm and 90mm cutouts, in either 10W or 13W, warm white or cool white.   The Luminaire’s low profile form allows it to fit with ease into low height ceiling cavities, while its sealed design prevents airflow in and out of the ceiling through the lamp. Driver, flex and plug included.


Wattages Cutout  LCP Colour (CCT) Lumens Model Number Compliance
10W 70mm 9.9W 3000K 733 EPU-DL-8508 VEET, ESS, SAA, EMC, LM80
4000K 832 EPU-DL-8515 VEET, ESS, SAA, EMC, LM80
10W 90mm 9.9W 3000K 756 EPU-DL-8539 VEET, ESS, SAA, EMC, LM80
4000K 855 EPU-DL-8546 VEET, ESS, SAA, EMC, LM80
13W 90mm 13W 3000K 916 EPU-DL-8607 SAA, EMC, LM80
4000K 1036 EPU-DL-8614 SAA, EMC, LM80

What’s included:

  • LED lamp with driver, flex and plug
  • Installation instruction manual